NTC Duathlon 3

NTC Duathlon 3 (No. 2 was cancelled due to adverse weather)
Sunday 3rd March 2019  Greenbank Industrial Estate Newry

Junior Results:
11 great Juniors took part in this morning’s event running 2km; biking 4Km; running 2Km.

The results are as follows:


Overall Time

Joshua Muckian

18 mins 47s

Edin Cunningham

19 mins 56s

James Muckian

20 mins 1s

Brianna Gregg

22 mins 12s

Niall Martin

23 mins 30s

Shea Carragher

24 mins 23s

Brendan McCoy

26 mins 19s

Ava Martin

27 mins 55s

Katie McCoy

29 mins 58s

Aidan Barry

31 mins 26s

Erin King

35 mins 57s

Senior Results:
21 Seniors competed in this morning’s Duathlon in good conditions.

The results are as follows:


Overall Result

Mark McGivern

50 mins 29s

Ryan Jackson

50 mins 44s

Seamus Loughran

50 mins 57s

Catherine Sands

51 mins 44s

Jonny Gregg

52 mins 42s

Mark Canavan

54 mins 55s

Mattias Lindholm

55 mins 8s

Gavin Murtagh

57 mins 43s

David Convery

59 mins 17s

Aidan Moan

1 hr. 2s

Andrea Stefkova

1 hr. 48s

Edele Johnston

1 hr. 1 min. 16s

Don Ryan

1 hr. 1 min. 18s

Melanie Coffey

1 hr. 2 mins 16s

Ciaran Flemming

1 hr. 4 mins.

Joe Reilly

1 hr. 4 mins 43 s

Eoin Tipping

1 hr. 5 mins 46s

Jim Burns

1 hr. 18 mins.36s

Lorraine Barry

1 hr. 25 mins 23s

Paul Fallon

DNF - puncture

Colum Jackson

DNF  - injury

Congratulations to everyone who participated and special kudos to those members taking on their first ever Duathlon. Special thanks to the members on marshaling duty this morning - without you these events can’t operate!